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This is a high speed, fully anonymous code or data hosting website. You can share or store any text online quickly and easily.

Made thanks to bootstrap, Ace editor, dataTables and caffeine

  • What even is this?!?!?
  • Simply put, this website allows you to share text or code on the fly with anyone, or store it for later use. It's great for receiving code from consoles and other uses you may think of.

  • What type of encryption do you use?
  • We use AES-256 for encrypted pastes. If you didn't choose encryption, your paste content is stored in plain text in the database.

  • What information do you store when a paste is created?
  • We only store data related to the actual paste, this includes: paste content, title, syntax, date created etc... No IP or information about the visitor is stored.

  • What information do you store about me?
  • None, no tracking cookies, no IP no geo information no emails. Just a username and password.

  • What are the types of paste visibilities?
  • Listed - Your paste link will be visible on the sidebar.
    Unlisted - Your paste will not be listed in the sidebar.
    Private - Your paste will only be accessible to you (once you're logged in).

  • How do you keep track of recent pastes?
  • We use a cookie called recent_pastes, you can delete it anytime and the recent history will be gone forever.

  • What are the preferences for?
  • You can save default paste settings such as syntax, password, encryption and visiblity. It will save you a lot of time if you only share 1 or 2 types of code.

  • How do you track paste view count?
  • We store a sessions of a randomly generated token that is destroyed when you quit your browser. Again, no information about you is stored on the server. This is just to stop view count spamming.