What am I allowed to post?

Broadly speaking, the site was created to help programmers. You are however welcome to post any type of text to Paste.sx. Please do not post email lists, password lists or personal information. The "report" feature can be used to flag such pastes and they will be deleted. Do not aggressively spider the site.

Do NOT post

  • email lists
  • login details
  • stolen source code
  • hacked data
  • copyrighted information / data
  • password lists
  • banking / creditcard / financial information / data
  • personal information / data
  • pornographic information / data
  • spam links (this includes promoting your own site)

Failure to comply with this will get your user and IP address banned.


How do folders work?

When you create a new paste, simply select the folder where you want the past to be posted in. If you click the + symbol, you can also create a new folder, and the paste will then be placed into that folder. When editing a paste you can move/remove a paste from a folder.

Folders are an easy way to organize your pastes rather than have them scattered around.
Who can see my folders?
Only you can see your own folders.


Who can see my pastes?

If you create a public paste (public by default), your paste will show up for everybody in the menu on the right and on the archive pages. You can also create unlisted pastes, these items will be invisible for others unless you share your paste link. If you are a member of Paste.sx you can also create private pastes. These items can only be viewed by you when you are logged in and are therefore password protected. Search engines will only index public pastes.

What is the maximum paste size?

The maximum size a paste can be is 2000 kilobytes (2 megabytes). This is should be enough for almost any script, and it prevents people from jamming our servers.