V1 18 5 Trainer TotAL RPG Plus 14 Guest on 11th January 2024 07:01:27 PM

[v1.18.5] Trainer TotAL RPG (Plus 14)

_Hotkeys - Effects__ HOME Active Trainer

Numpad1 Infinite Health Numpad2 Instant Hp Regen Numpad3 Super Damage/One Hit Kill Numpad4 Super Defense Numpad5 Super Attack Speed/Rapid Fire Numpad6 Super Movement Speed Numpad7 Mega Critical Hit Numpad8 Mega Critical Power Numpad9 Mega XP(1000x)/Fast Level-Up Numpad0 Infinite Arrow/Tokens/Blacksmith Hammer/Item

Ctrl 1 Skill: No Cooldown Ctrl 2 Infinite Ruby Ctrl 3 Infinite Gold/Coins Ctrl 4 Infinite Skill Points


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