Trainer Palworld v0 1 2 0 v0 1 3 0 Plus 25 Guest on 1st February 2024 09:50:57 AM

Trainer Palworld [v0.1.2.0-v0.1.3.0] (Plus 25)

_Hotkeys - Effects__ HOME Active Trainer

Numpad1 Player/Pal: Infinite Health Numpad2 Player/Pal: Infinite Stamina Numpad3 Player/Pal: Infinite Shield Numpad4 Player/Pal: No Hunger Numpad5 Weapon/Bow: No Reload Numpad6 Weapon etc.: Infinite Durability Numpad7 Player/Pal: Super Speed Numpad8 Player/Pal: Super Jump Numpad9 Mega XP(1000x)/Fast Level-Up Numpad0 Stable Temperature

Ctrl 1 Freeze Day Time Ctrl 2 Skill: No Cooldown Ctrl 3 Stealth/Ghost Mode Ctrl 4 Food: No Decay Ctrl 5 Instant Crafting Ctrl 6 One Hit/Fast Kill Ctrl 7 Ignore Craft Requirements Ctrl 8 Add Stat Points ( 50) Ctrl 9 Add Technology Points( 100)/Ancient Technology Points( 50) Ctrl 0 Player: Zero Weight

Ctrl F1 Infinite Items Ctrl F2 Infinite Money (Gold/Coin) Ctrl F3 Game: Super Speed Ctrl F4 Game: Slow Motion

Teleport: F5 Save Location F6 Teleport F7 Undo Teleport


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